by Sojourner

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released April 12, 2015



all rights reserved



Adam Guzman
Zac Sonnenberg
Robbie Santos
Mike Gusman
Bo Sonnenberg

Gucky Rock

LongIsland, NY

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Track Name: Much Too Late
Cut me off you. always are. I’m tired of the give and take
I know you love. As do I. Just cant keep up with your battling.

And where’s your head?
Is it buried in your glass?
No plans for which to break.

Pick me up now / I was falling again / All over again / won’t you pick me up now?
As I fell for / fell for what you wished.
And tell me why your heart aches.
Tell me about those mistakes.
my age you said you’d take back. Oh you said you’d take.
Just know if I could I’d sign my name on the dotted line. Sign my name on the dotted line.
But both my hands are tied.

Oh you break me / shipped and sent me far / so far away
And know I loved you don’t regret you. Those days are so far away.

Too close to call.
Too far to run.
You’re just a ghost I walk upon.
And you’re much too late.
You’re much too late.

You wish we were closer.

But you’re much too late.
Track Name: Shelf Life
Tell me. Where have you been?
God, I need you in my bed.
There tired nights spent alone have no spark.
Just stale air and tangled webs hanging high above my floors.
They’re unkept and unswept. Clean them out you know best.

These words will numb your tongue / until you can't speak but you can run
/ from these fears / the ones you called love
Oh you, dyed your eyes and paint them black masking the beauty you swore you lack
If I could show you your light I swear you’d burn my florescent sky.

There’s a falling star about my bed and it keeps me up at night.
Until my visions blurred and not a single word leaves my mouth until its sounding right.

Someone throw me a rope. I can't speak but I can choke out the words that I’ll save for you.
Well. you are the firefly caught in my jar I’ve begun to feel sorry for.
I stole your light cause I can’t survive so on my shelf is where you’re stored.
And I can’t live without you anymore

There’s a falling star about my bed and it keeps me up at night.
Until my visions blurred and not a single word leaves my mouth until its sounding right.
And when I get too close and I feel its warmth you’re the spark I need to survive.
And I thank you for all you've endured you’re the spark in this weary life.
Track Name: I.W.B.M.T.C.M.H.P.
I’m walking along a line that’s been drawn in the sand.
Teetering on which side I belong the wreckage in view from my past.
There’s a voice that remains despite how finely its placed within my weary head.
Just a sound it repeats as I fall from my feet on the long road ahead.

I know a woman who’s lovely with dresses and cellophane skin.
She showed me my way and I took her path. I left her for dead.
And I regret the day that I gave her away for a fate she didn't deserve
So I’m re etching my steps on this life of cement to leave an imprint of my love.

For this journey I made I’ll crumble who I was.
Until he falls apart / regrets the day he way born.
And I’ve tried time after time to no avail.
But still my world it is quiet here.

Oh, Andy read me a speech and tell me who to be because I’m losing who I am.
There’s just constant headaches next to the empty pages and pens filled with ink.
And I think to myself oh lord tell me how I can save a wretch like me.
Well lets go to the start where they'll thread you apart till you’re a single piece of string.